5 Fresh WooCommerce Themes from WCT and Tokokoo


As a WordPress e-Commerce themes provider that integrated and based on WooCommerce, WCT (WooCommerceThemes.me) keep trying to help individuals and businesses to turn their sites into professional, e-commerce stores. With WooCommerce integration and WooCommrce Themes speciality, WCT always try to fulfill people needs on WooCommerce Themes.

And start from now, in order to accomplish that purpose, WCT is already making a collaboration with another famous and best WordPress e-Commerce Themes provider, named Tokokoo. Featuring Tokokoo, WCT keep moving forward and since today we already having 5 WooCommerce Themes you can enjoy by now.

After having TeeShirt as our firstly launched WooCommerce Themes, WCT and Tokokoo provide all WooCommerce themes lovers by developing another 4 great WooCommerce themes.

Got some curious to take a look WCT featuring Tokokoo’s Best and Fresh 5 WooCommerce Themes? Here we give you some review to catch. Enjoy! ;)

TeeShirt WooCommerce Themes

TeeShirt WooCommerce Themes

Like we said before, TeeShirt is our firstly launched WooCommerce themes. TeeShirt is an Apparel WooCommerce themes. With TeeShirt, you can sell and promote any products you have with a masculine, fresh and cool design TeeShirt serves to you.

DapurKue WooCommerce Themes

DapurKue WooCommerce Themes

DapurKue is a special for culinary WooCommerce themes we provide. Its cute, sweet and interactive design will absolutely help you to display you culinary products famously delicious.

Roxx WooCommerce Themes

Roxx WooCommerce Themes

Rock your online store with Roxx WooCommerce themes! This Apparel WooCommerce themes from us give you possibility to attract more customers by its attractive big image sliders at the page.

Arpegio WooCommerce Themes

Arpegio WooCommerce Themes

Love music and have music as your passion on business? Pick Arpegio WooCommerce themes to play on your musics products all over the world. Unique icon of products and blog posts will absolutely make your site become into the music-world.

TokoBajoo WooCommerce Themes

TokoBajoo WooCommerce Themes

Coming to complete our special for Apparel WooCommerce themes, we made a reborn of TokoBajoo. The greatness and uniqueness of TokoBajoo still become our focus here, but we definitely added some features such as the more detail of products page.

Ready to explore your online store with our best and fresh WooCommerce themes? Take a look them closer, people. :)

WooCommerce : 1.4 Version Has Been Released!


We’ve been updated you about WooCommerce 1.3 version here. And now, as time passed by so fast, WooCommerce also makes improvements more and more.

Until now, we glad to inform you that the WooCommerce 1.4 version has been RELEASED!

The new features of this version will help you and especially your developer easily have a massive change for your site. Its new functionality, front-end + theming optimizations, backend + integration, and many more amazing features will give you an amazing WooCommerce version to have.

Note : Also read and visit their user guide and public forum they have been build to answer all confusions may come up from you.

And so, we’re going to have this version and accustom our works with them soon. Catch us up later, people! :)

New Month, Good News : WooCommerce 1.3 Version

As we updated before about WooCommerce 1.2.1 Update, no wonder you guys have tried it and delivered the amazingness of it.

Now, without waiting too long, with very much pleasure, we announce you : Here come new baby on town!

Dec 1st, 2011, as they reported, WooThemes gave us (users of WooCommerce) good news about new version of WooCommerce plugin, WooCommerce 1.3 Version. With several significant, usefull and great upgrades, WooCommerce 1.3 version offers us more simplicities, improvements and innovations.

Here are some special upgrades of WooCommerce 1.3 Version :

  • Some improvements, such as, the re-designed of orders interface, and upgrade of shipping and payment system and facilities
  • New extensions of :

-          3 more payment gateways

-          A product converter tool, and

-          SMS notifications and services for WooCommerce

More to see about the upgrades? Just have a click on it.

Is it just that? Of course no. WooCommerce 1.3 Version also offers you :

  • Minor bug fixes + localisations
  • Schema.org marjup for products and reviews
  • Option to apply coupons before tax (per coupon)
  • Rewritten cart tax calculations to support coupons before tax and after tax
  • 2 lines of discounts on total tables – 1 for product discounts, 1 for after tax discounts (e.g. store credit)
  • Tweaked paypal to work with tax inclusive prices without screwing up rounding
  • Stored ex. prices with higher precisiion to prevent rounding errors
  • Rewritten options for tax display – cart items can be shown without tax now
  • Fixed ordering of custom attributes in variation select boxes
  • Support for ordering attributes with the same ID (but different taxonomies)
  • Made catalog ordering filterable
  • Enhanced admin with http://havesthq.github.com/chosen/
  • Added ZAR currency
  • Fixed product (single) visibility
  • Improved orders interface
  • On orders screen you can load customer details is on file
  • Fix address_1 address_2 names
  • Updated German Lang (formal) thanks @owcv
  • Sale date uses current_time (‘timestamp’) instead of strtotime
  • Fixed variations loading dimensions
  • Product get_attribute function
  • Option to clear cart on logout
  • Made cheque/bacs gateways reduce stock levels upon ordering
  • Continue shopping button when directing user to cart after adding a product to the cart
  • Refund/Reverse notification in paypal gateway
  • Made stock notifications use email template
  • Added dimensions to individual variations
  • Added settings API to be used by Shipping Methods and Payment Gateways
  • Free shipping/Flat rate uses setting API
  • Free shipping coupons
  • Ship to billing default option
  • Trim zeros off prices (optional)

Have a great pleasure enjoying the new baby on town, people!

WooCommerce Testimonials Review

Now, you have heard things which are claimed by WooThemes about WooCommerce functionalities. But everyone needs everyone else’s opinion. So, what do people think about WooCommerce?

Is it reliable enough? Is it worth changing my current e-commerce plugin to WooCommerce and use WCT (ha-ha)?

Check these out.

WooCommerce Reporting - image by WordCamp Cape Town

What They Said about WooCommerce

“One of the best things about the back-end of WooCommerce is that it blends in seamlessly as if it were part of WordPress all along. They did a great job of using existing elements that are supported within WordPress such as the tabs, file uploader, and my favorite little feature, the calendar. I only referred to the readme file once during configuration but that was to see if there was any information regarding themes and whether they were seperate from WordPress or not. Other than that, I was able to configure WooCommerce without any issues.

Gone are the days of using clunky E-Commerce software which seems to make every aspect of selling products harder versus easier. WooCommerce flips that trend over with beautiful execution. It’s not fancy but it shouldn’t be. It gets the job done without having me want to put my head through drywall.

I can definitely recommend using WooCommerce for your e-commerce needs and since the plugin was audited by the great Mark Jaquith, you can be sure that it’s secure.”

- Jefro, WordPress Tavern

“Everything so far is lovely. But what about the hardcore store owners? I want facts and figures. I need store reporting.

This, again, is taken care of.

If you have installed WooCommerce by now you will have noticed that on your Dashboard you have some new widgets:

  • monthly sales overview,
  • recent orders, and
  • recent reviews, which you can amend, trash, publish and so on.

Would I recommend WooCommerce to others? Yes I would. In the end that’s what it’s all about: feature rich for you, the store owner, and easy to use for the customer.”

- Ben Townsend, WPCandy

“The product management functionality is simple and intuitive to use. Adding a product is just as easy as writing and publishing a post within WordPress. A product can be categorised and tagged, just like a post is, and you can set your product types e.g. simple, downloadable, variable etc. You can also set up all the data for your product e.g. SKUs, weights, taxes, etc. Adding products to your webshop should be a breeze.  If you’ve never worked with WordPress before, the documentation and videos will be really helpful.”

- Ashley Shaw, WordCamp Cape Town


Those are actually the reasons of why we released TeeShirt, free WooCommerce themes: because good reviews absolutely means something.

Talking about WCT, have you check out our TeeShirt free WooCommerce themes?

TeeShirt WordPress WooCommerce Themes is our new apparel themes in charge. The special one you can find TeeShirt, which you can’t find in another themes is, this TeeShirt themes now compatible and can be integrated with your Facebook fan page business site. Moreover, it will give you responsive layout soon.

TeeShirt is available in F-R-E-E version. What are you waiting for?

Additional readings regarding WooCommerce Plugin Review:

  1. http://wpcandy.com/reviewed/woocommerce
  2. http://2011.capetown.wordcamp.org/2011/10/11/woocommerce-core-plugin-review/

WordPress WooCommerce Themes: TeeShirt

homepage light teeshirt woocommerce themes

TeeShirt WordPress WooCommerce Themes is our new apparel themes in charge.

Fresh and easy-to-use are two of many things we want to give you at this theme.

Wide usefulness in this theme give you possibilities to keep in touch with your customer by a warm and easy click on every features here. The special one you can find TeeShirt, which you can’t find in another themes is, this TeeShirt themes now compatible and can be integrated with your Facebook fan page business site. It will make your customers know more about your site and products you sell, not only from your site, but also from your Facebook fan page. You can easily make changes in your site, and it will directly comes up in your Facebook page without you do it two times separately. Such an amazing moves, right?

Moreover, soon, it will give you responsive layout. You can get ease and suitable theme layouts of your site on your own personal devices without worrying about the unfitted view on it.

Here are some features we try to give to you :

TeeShirt is a special Apparel WooCommerce Themes for your business site. It will give you easy way to put on your apparel products and show them off to the customers in best way.

shop teeshirt woocommerce themes

As a special themes for apparel, TeeShirt gives you a fresh display and great-looking theme panel, so it will attract more customers visiting your site and give them simplicity to make moves in discovering your site and products there.

TeeShirt, which supported by WooCommerce Integration will give you more benefits and easiness by utilizing WooCommerce facilities in it everytime you need it.

facebook teeshirt woocommerce themes

Don’t forget that we also have Facebook Integration here, which will make TeeShirt get all things done easily in your site, and also in your Facebook fan page. TeeShirt makes your customers know more about your business and products from both your business site and page.

And last but not least, like I said before, we promise you a responsive layout soon, so you can get your site amazingly mobile in your hand.

So, what to wait?

Get TeeShirt in your hand and have a great commercial business and great relationship with your loyal customers.

Let us know your constructive feedback, dive deeper into the theme in the demo, and read more about it on our TeeShirt theme listing page.

WooCommerce 1.2.1 Update

The WooCommerce plugin is almost three months old by now. This baby e-commerce plugin has shown all of us its remarkable growth since the first launch. Not to mention the euphoria it caused.

The good news is, WooThemes continuously release updates to support the baby’s growth.

A few days ago, they announced that they are technically done with the ninth update: the 1.2.1. Ninth updates in less than three months, those guys must be very enthusiastic about WooCommerce. So are we as the WooCommerceThemes provider!

So, what does 1.2.1 offer?

  • Reworked downloadable and virtual products – now variations can be downloadable/virtual too making it more flexible
  • My account/login widget
  • Added shortcode insertion button to the post editor
  • Shortcode for products by category (slug)
  • Option to enable/disable ajax add to cart buttons
  • Widget for showing onsale products
  • Signup/login can be turned off for checkout
  • Paypal remote post now has ‘sslverify’ => false to prevent errors with CURL
  • Minor admin settings tidyup
  • Dutch translation has been updated
  • Cart is now more robust and supports custom data being stored, such as addons
  • Fix for 0 quantity
  • add_to_cart shortcode
  • Improved order search
  • Option to unforce SSL checkout
  • Support for X-Accel-Redirect / X-Sendfile for downloads
  • Customer new account email when signing up from the checkout
  • Attributes can be added to nav bar via filter
  • External/Affiliate product type
  • Added Spanish translation by lluis masachs
  • Support for informal/formal localisations
  • Directory changed for uploading file downloads – uploads/woocommerce_files
  • Download directory created on install as well as htaccess for denying access
  • Formal and informal German translations – thanks to stefahn, jessor, Ramoonus , owcv and deckerweb
  • Hook for checking cart contents during cart/checkout – used for plugins too

WooCommerceThemes.me : The Greetings

Another Hello world!

Welcome to WooCommerceThemes.me, or you can make it straight by call us WCT. We are a WordPress e-Commerce themes provider that integrated and based on WooCommerce and Anggi Krisna is RuangFreelance senior writer. We help individuals and businesses to turn their sites into professional, e-commerce stores.

WooCommerce itself, has released on September 27, 2011 by WooThemes.

Like quoted from what wrote on Woothemes blog, they mentioned what they want WooCommerce to be :

“Our aim for WooCommerce  is to be an e-commerce toolkit that allows anyone to sell anything online”

WooCommerce comes to cover the needs of more than 25 million users of WordPress e-Commerce for their sites. We try to fulfill the needs of e-Commerce themes by providing not only a fancy themes, but also great features in it.

Just like our tagline, “We help you sell anything online. Beautifully”.

So, what are you waiting for?

Come, see and try our beautiful themes for your professional e-commerce site.

Make your site amazing and pro for you and your customers!